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For the Messengers play image by Matt Armstrong

For the Messengers


One woman show performed at the Space Theatre as part of Fifteen, a festival of short plays.


For the Messengers the play is based on Jude's work as an archivist at ITN/Reuters. It brought to life a day in the office, with the horror and the humanity consumed from the Reuters Television News stories during cataloguing. The  contradiction between the secure daytime employment and the danger in the newsreels explored in a drama that uses improvised song to highlight the absurdity of the process.

September - October 2012



Blackwaterside one woman show at the Dylan Thomas Boathouse



One woman show performed at the Dylan Thomas Boathouse.


Blackwaterside is a musical play based on the 1970s folk revival, concentrating on the gender relationships and bringing to life the rich excitement of the era through poetry, song and physical interpretation.

With particular reference to the work of Sandy Denny and Annie Briggs. Also drawing on the songs of Maddy Prior and the Incredible String band

September 2013



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