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Jude Montague PhD  


MA Camberwell School of Arts;  MA Oxon; PhD Birkbeck, London 

Jude Montague is an award-winning printmaker, and a composer, poet and artist. She is interested in ethnomusicology, particularly Latvian folk song and the electric organ. Her former profession is a media archivist in international news.



2022 Arts Council of England, Creative Development Grant

2014 Bloomberg New Contemporaries (shortlist) 

2013 Gwen May Student Award (Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers)  

2013 Clifford Chance Purchase Prize (shortlist) 

2013 Gainsborough Prize for Graduate Printmakers (shortlist)

2013 MA Visual Arts (Printmaking) Camberwell Student Award  

2006 John Turner Prize Newsfilm Studies 

2005 Sacile Collegium, Giornate del Cinema Muto

2000 Commendation for Excellence, PGCE Creative Writing



2013 MA Fine Art Printmaking: Camberwell College of Arts

2011 PG Certificate Archives and Records Management, Dundee

2007 PhD Film History: Birkbeck College, University of London

2005 PG Certificate Information Services Management, London Metropolitan University

2001 MA History of Film and Visual Media, Birkbeck College, University of London

1999 PGCE Postgraduate Certificate (Post-Compulsory Education): City University

1985 BA (Hons) First Class: St Edmund Hall, Oxford


Solo Exhibitions

2021 Beach Life, 1200 Postcards, Hastings

2019 Mefiti, Montague Armstrong, Hastings

2018-19 Paris Pavements d'Or: Le Silex, Montmartre, Paris

2018 Metal: Intercession Gallery, Northampton

2018 Public Sculpture, Mottingham

2018 Monoprints: Montague Armstrong, St Leonards on Sea, Sussex

2015 Animallages with Daniel Lehan, Poetry Cafe, London

2015 Hitchcock and the East, The Gallery Cafe, Bethnal Green, London

2015 Peckham Pelican, London 
2015 Yoshka and Dreen: hARTs Lane Studio, London

2015 Mithraeum Monoprints: Bridewell Theatre Gallery, London

2014 Experimental Ceramics:  The Kitchen Window Gallery, London

2014 The Tower with Miyuki Kasahara:  The Belfry @ St John on Bethnal Green, London

2014 Roman Road Monoprints, Brady Arts Centre, London

2014 Monoprints: Rhythm Factory, London 


Group Exhibitions and Installations

2022 1200 Dirty Postcards, 1200 Postcards, Hastings

2021 Objects of Life, PhotoHastings, Trinity 7 Art Space, Hastings

2020 Baltica! Old Biscuit Factory, Bermondsey, London (Director)

2019 Four Legs Good Two Legs Bad, Chinese Open: Q Park, London

2019 Minuscule: Cross Lane, Kendal

2019 EMPIRE 2 WORLD TOUR: MACO, Oaxaca, Mexico

2019 Love, Family, Story: hARTslane, New Cross, London

2018 EMPIRE 2 WORLD TOUR: FIAC, Le100ecs, Paris; Rogue Gallery, Hastings; Madrid; Galerija Kontra, Zagreb

2018 Protocol: Q Park, Cavendish Square, London

2018 Passaggiatina: Palazzo Ducale, Atina, Lazio

2018 Embracing the Underdog, Q Park, China Town, London

2018 The Gallery, Camberwell College of Arts, London

2017 Passagi Atina, Atina, Frosinone, Lazio, Italy

2017 EMPIRE 2: Venice Biennale,

               Quai au Bois à Brûler, Brussels Art Week

               The Provincial Project Space, Cumbria

               Spektrum, Berlin

2017 Le Coq Artistes, Chinese Open: Q Park, China Town, London

2016 Space: Q Park, China Town, London

2016 Open: Lights Of Soho, London

2016 Black and White: Art Society of Soho / Creative Debuts

2015 Atina Art Association: Palazzo Ducale, Atina, Lazio

2015 Fall of the Rebel Angels: 56th Venice Biennale

2015 Big Deal No666: Cheriton Council Estate, London

2015 Eltham Centre Art Window, London

2015 Big Deal, Chinese Open: Q Park, China Town, London

2014 God: Let Art Work Gallery, Pune, India

2014 Big Deal: Q Park, Cavendish Square, London

2014 National Original Print Exhibition, Bankside, London

2014 LOOP, Bankside, London

2014 Ward 406, Extreme Scorch: The Shuffle Festival, Tower Hamlets Cemetery, London

2014 Midsummer Art Fair: Landmark Arts Centre, London

2014 London Original Print Fair, Royal Academy

2013 Postgraduate Printmaking in London 2013: Clifford Chance Gallery, London 

2013 Print Bay with Katy Binks: Q Park, Cavendish Square, London

2013 MA Visual Arts Final Show: Camberwell College of Arts, London



2022 On the Fly, Creative Coding Utrecht / iii instrument innovators centre, Den Haag

2019 Writers' and Translators' House, Ventspils, Latvia

2018 'Passagiatina', Atina Art Association Residency, Asilo Beatrice, Atina, Lazio

2017 'Passagiatina', Atina Art Association Residency, Asilo Beatrice, Atina, Lazio
2016 'Conversations', International Art Residency, Goa, India

2015 Atina Art Association Residency, Asilo Beatrice, Atina, Lazio



2021 Breakfast in Shoreditch, Kings Road Press, Hastings UK 

2020 A Scottish Werewolf in Manchester, The Bad Press, Manchester, UK

2020 Love on the Isle of Dogs: Wisdom's Bottom Press, London, UK

2017 The Originals: Hesterglock Press, UK

2017 Young Hitch in Forbidden Flames: Fire of London Press, UK

2016 The Wires, 2012: Wisdom's Bottom Press, UK 

2013 The Groodoyals of Terre Rouge, poetry and prints: Dark Windows Press, UK

2011 For the Messengers', poetry: Donut Press, UK



2022 Organ Greats, Montague Armstrong

2022 Introducing Bobby Bluff, Bobby Bluff

2021 Versus, Jude Cowan Montague & Bettina Schroeder, Wormhole World

2020 Looking After the Duck, Crumpsall Riddle, Wormhole World

2018 Hammond Hits, Montague Armstrong: Linear Obsessional (vinyl released Jan 2020)

2018 To India, Jude Montague, Linear Obsessional

2015 Cairo Compression, Jude Cowan Montague & Steve Layton: Linear Obsessional

2015 The Leidenfrost Effect, Jude C Montague & Wim Oudijk: Folkwit

2013 Winter Hill Sings: Linear Obsessional  

2013 Barbie and Ken EP: Jude Cowan & Wim Oudijk: Folkwit

2012 Bukittinggi Tales: Linear Obsessional

2011 Lamb & Tyger, Performing William Blake: Ah Sunflower!  

2010 Doodlebug Alley: Jude Cowan

2000 To America: Jude Cowan


Selected Anthologies and Journals

2019 Poetry editor for The Sunday Tribune, Magma, Prole, Riggwelter, Crannog, Under the Radar, Ink Sweat and Tears

2018 Rialto, Under the Radar, Writing in a Woman's Voice, Oxford Magazine, Riggwelter, Reach, Poethead, High Window, Projectionist's Playground, Taxicab, Laldy, A New Ulster, Three Drops in a Cauldron, e:ratio

2017 Indian Ruminations, Taj Mahal Review, Oxford Review of Books, Window Cat, Lonesome Lit, e:ratio, Dawntreader, The Curly Mind, The Sandspout, Amaryllis, Spilling Cocoa over Martin Amis, Ashvarmegh, Ink Sweat and Tears, Taj Mahal Review, Prole, Opiate, Hall Writers' Forum Anthology

2015 Menacing Hedge, Lives Beyond Us

2014 Crannog, The Moth Magazine, i am not a silent poet, Kleft Jaw, The Stare's Nest, Oxford Magazine, M68, Toe Good Poetry, Ink Sweat and Tears, River and South, Patricide, Madcap

2013 Under the Radar, Writers Hub, M68, Poetry in Which, e:ratio, Strange Horizons, Sugar Mule

2012 Pirenes Fountain,  Offcourse, Ditch, Fuselit, Split Screen

2010 Pen Pusher, Writers Hub


Academic Publications

2016 'The British Monarchy on Screen', ed Mandy Merck: Manchester University Press, UK

2009 'W.G. Barker and the Patriotic Opportunity: The German Spy Peril (Barker, 2914)': University of Exeter Press, UK

2007 'The Plucky Girl and a Pigeon to Pluck: Character, location and entertainment in Rogues of London (Barker, 2015)': University of Exeter Press, UK

2002 'Women at work for the things of war, women at work for the things of peace': BUFVC, UK


Curation Performance and Curated Exhibitions

2015 -      Scaledown Music Club, Fitzrovia, London

2022 'Coding: Volcano: Goddess' Creative Coding Utrecht / iii instument inventors centre, Den Haag

2020 Baltica! Literary Night, Baltica! Memory and Landscape Exhibition, London

2017 'Saturno', Palazzo Ducale, Atina, Lazio, Italy

2017 Le Coq Artistes, Q Park, China Town, London

2015 The End of England / Rebirth of the Imagination, Gravesham Arts Centre, Gravesend

2015 Yoshka and Dreen, performances, hARTs Lane Studio, London

2015 Scaledown, eclectic monthly music club: King and Queen, Fitzrovia, London

2014 Mottingham Sculpture Park, London

2014 Ward 406, Extreme Scorch: The Shuffle Festival, London

2014 World News Oratorio 3: St John on Bethnal Green, London  

2013 World News Oratorio 2: Hundred Years Gallery, London  

2012 World News Oratorio 1: Plough and Harrow, East London


Broadcasting & Journalism

2020 -      Times Literary Supplement

2018 -      The London Magazine, The Quietus, ARTLYST, FAD, The Sunday Tribune, Printmaking Today

2015        The Bermuda Triangle Test Transmissions, Resonance FM, London

2014 -      The News Agents: Resonance 104.4 FM, London

2005 - 2015 Researcher on the Reuters Television Archive, ITN, London

Films/ Animation

2021 'Small Solutions for Big Problems' Jude Montague & Suzie Hanna, Creative Public Engagement Short, Cambridge University

2021 'Observations of the Sky' by Suzie Hanna (Jude Montague: original music / sound design / character development)

2020 'The Hidden Meanings in Music Hall Lyrics' Jude Montague & Suzie Hanna, BBCIdeas

2018 - Ongoing series of poem-films videos with Andrew Stys (UU) Youtube 

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