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MA Printmaking (Fine Art) Camberwell College of Arts

Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers graduate prize



Jude began printmaking with Jean Lodge at the Ruskin School of Arts  then trained on the MA at Camberwell School of Arts, winning the Gwen May prize from the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers (2014-16).



Etching in salts and acids on zinc, brass, steel and other metals, the plates becoming the artwork.

Leaving the hand of the artist on the plate, the cartoon line, the expressive creatures and landscape.

3D bronzes cast at Butley Mills Foundry, Suffolk with bronze expert Jim Racine. All works finished by hand. Wire and metal sculptures exploring tension, spiritual and material elementalism.

Plus new works in development, oil painting on metal.

Love on the Isle of Dogs


For many years, her practice of drawing memory pictures has now led to a graphic novel in development.

Currently powered by a kickstarter - -  her series of ink drawings deals with her own love story of how a marriage went wrong.

Inspired by influences as diverse as Eastenders, John Glashan and Posy Simmonds the book will go to print in late 2019.

Print Collage


Drawing on surrealist games she creates collages where the tradition of the etching studio meets the ‘poor image’, often described as 'the photograph degenerated in multiple low resolution copies'.


This subversion of found imagery allows her imagination to roam the theatre of history, connecting her creative pratice with her enthusiasm for literature, journalism and film.


Sleeping animals, refugee children, lost expressions pop up in industrial and wild landscapes. Dreams of places are visited by jazz musicians, frequently Billie Holliday and many other alter-egos and guests including fragmented self-portrait.

Sculpture and Installation
Alternative spaces, building 3D sets with a low-fi, often natural aesthetic for absent characters. Live work where she curates collaborative events and performs.

Yoshka and Dreen

@ Big Deal (2014) 

@ hArts Lane Studios (2015)


Ward 402: Extreme Scorch

@ Shuffle Festival (2014) with Rebecca Feiner and Charlotte Squire


Print Bay

@ Big Deal (2013) with Katy Binks


The Tower

@ The Belfry, St Johns on Bethnal Green (2014) with Miyuki Kasahara





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