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'I didn't realise Wim was a pop star in Holland in the 1970s till I saw his videos on youtube when getting the album press ready. They're recorded from his TV appearances. He's such an entertaining mover and his band are hilarious and great musicians. This footage takes you back to a different era of teenage television - the tweenie audience look utterly bemused by Wim's bizarre and beautiful pop.'
Jude CM


Nick Butcher from Folkwit Records released the first EP by Wim and Jude, 'Barbie and Ken'. It got BBC and alternative radio play including Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone. Jude pops up on Resonance FM here and there including DeXter Bentley's 'Hello Goodbye' and her own show 'The News Agents'.






The Leidenfrost Effect

Jude C. Montague

& Wim Oudijk


1 The Green Bamboo Warrior 05.11 / 2 The Leidenfrost Effect 03.16 / 3 Hello Pussycat 04.47 / 4 Holiday Magic 03.19 / 5 Aman Radio 03.57 / 6 Gifts for Sale 03.47 / 7 The Mighty Seahorse 04.54 / 8 Three Species of Ants 02.12

"always engaging, it’s music that is sometimes challenging, often thought provoking and sometimes laugh-out-loud funny." Nick Butcher, Folkwit Records


"Jude Cowan has gone where I've never seen a jobbing journalist tread before.." Jon Snow, Channel 4 News


"both all-embracing and mind-cleansing, and makes for absolutely compulsive listening" David Kidman, FATEA



They met online, decided not to get married but to make music together ...


Jude Cowan Montague, poet and songwriter, improvised to the quirky tales of Reuters Television news stories  in Bark Studios, Walthamstow, E17 with her regular producer Brian O'Shaughnessy (Primal Scream, My Bloody Valentine, The Firm, E17) using her trusty Microkorg. Brian then sent individual WAV files by email and producer/songwriter Wim Oudijk reimagined the music in his studio in Den Haag.


Jude was amazed at the soundscapes Wim created - new, cinematic worlds, vibrant textures. 'He has done an amazing job. My improvised vocals were far from easy to follow, though my style's definitely pop rather than highbrow. I have picked up an eclectic vocal approach along the way. I played with African fingerpicking style guitarist Folo Graaf (Sierra Leone) and in my early twenties learned to sing saluang music in Sumatra.'Jude CM


Jude and Wim met on the internet back in the days of MySpace - they hit it off immediately - but still haven't met in person. There are plans for Jude and band to tour the Netherlands in November 2015 with Mark Braby (Subway Sect, Los Robots) and Matt Armstrong (Bill Fay, Kenny Process Team) and then they will finally meet in person.





Jude's songwriting is known in London artist circles. She  has previously been invited to record in Konk Studios by Ray Davies from the Kinks and curates SCALEDOWN, a cult music club in Fitzrovia with Mark Braby and Shaun Hendry.

BIO: Jude Cowan Montague, artist, poet, songwriter was born in Crumpsall, Manchester. She went to Oxford University where she got a first but recklessly became an artist working in London theatre and sound art at Community Music. Later she became more sensible and acquired a PhD in film history and became an archivist. While working on the Reuters Television News collection at ITN she started writing poetry about the stories she was cataloguing. This led to improvising music based on the stories she processed daily.

Signed CDs available from DISCO FAIR

Jude Cowan Montague writer artist songwriter

BIO: Wim Oudijk, musician, producer, arranger and songwriter was born in The Hague, The Netherlands. As a child he was a prestigious yodeler and self taught pianist. In his early 20s, he owned a record shop which was very successful. His interests in all things musical first bore fruit when he started The Navel Orange Choir between the years 1976 and 1980. The band had a string of TV appearances and a record deal with Polydor. When the band split up he formed Trespassers W with whom he remained from 1984 to 2000.

'Luck is Down', Navel Orange Choir (1978)

"I didn't realise Wim was a pop star in the 1970s till I started to watch his videos researching for the release! His band are hilarious and so are the reactions of the studio teenagers." Jude CM

Jude Cowan Montague curates 'The News Agents', a weekly magazine show on Resonance FM


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